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Brasserie Flo is without doubt one of the most emblematic restaurants in Barcelona. With stunning decor in the style of art nouveau, surrounded by antique lithographs, stately columns that define spaces or portal solid wood eighteenth century. Elements that make a special restaurant Brasserie Flo, with history and some magic, which enjoy eating in Barcelona.
Since the opening of the first Brasserie in 1968, and with nearly 50 years of history and restaurants such as La Coupole, Bofinger or Terminus Nord, Brasserie Flo Barcelona was the first restaurant of Groupe Flo opened abroad in 1982 which was located in an old textile factory.
With over 34 years of career behind him, Brasserie Flo has adapted its cuisine to continue giving the best of himself and remain gastronomic in Barcelona. A restaurant born emerged as an authentic Parisian brasserie in the old city, which over the years has found a harmony in letter and that, today, presents a gastronomic offer that fits perfectly into the so-called market cuisine .
In short, talk about Brasserie Flo is talk of a restaurant with a first-rate cuisine. A well prepared with an excellent value that makes the Barcelona restaurant a must for lovers of good food cooking.



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