They are more than 30 years in which the Brasserie Flo restaurant has managed to reinvent itself to continue giving the best of himself.



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The Brasserie Flo restaurant is one of the most unique spaces in the city center, in an atmosphere that combines tradition and design. It is located in a historic listed building.

The Brasserie Flo Restaurant is a multi-space, diner style cafes and brasseries nineteenth century French re-interpreted by the prestigious architect Antoni de Moragas interior i Gallissà, where you can delight yourself with a delicious meal.

The different spaces offered by local, small lounge (ideal for romantic moments or business meetings), reserved (to get some privacy while still admire the splendor of the main room), and private lounges (where you get a privacy all in an incomparable setting)

All this makes the restaurant Brasserie Flo, a place with lots of charm for any type of event.

Private Space 3

Fully independent private room and set aside behind closed doors. Capacity for up to 22 diners - Imperial table - And 38 on parallel long tables or in u.


The loyal clientele, savoir-faire and years of recognition it enjoys today Brasserie Flo, is due to the efforts of a great team.

The restaurant Brasserie Flo is formed by a team of wide and proven experience in the restoration, which brings in the kitchen and an exquisite drawing room service and high-quality treatment.

To maintain quality service for all these years, it is necessary to be a stable and with the best capabilities in the field of restoration and customer service team. Therefore include team unity by the large number of years of working together.

"Without their professionalism and dedication none of this would have been possible." 


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